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Welcome! This is PRACO.

Praco Advertising is a full service advertising agency, established in June, 2001.


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Corporate Identity

Logo Design,Business Card Design,Letterhead Design + envelope,Corporate Reports & Brochure, Staff Uniforms,Signage, and Anything ..

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising can come in many forms and when designed well can drastically improve the awareness and success of your business or product.

Product Packaging & Promotion

Essentially the initial impact of packaging will determine how successful your product is....

Exhibition Banners

There's no point attending a promotional event if you don't get yourself noticed. Most events are packed, and people attending have limited time.....

Corporate Reports / Literature

Corporate literature is another area of graphic design that can both internally and externally improve your business...


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Photo retouching & tracing

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Web design & development

Our approach is led by design, striving to present information in an engaging yet coherent manner, adopting which ever technologies are appropriate .....


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Advertising , Digital and printing Services

10+ Years of Experience in the Printing Industry! Request for a Free Quote.
Strict Quality Control · Competitive Pricing · Total Project Management · In-House Design Team
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HAPPY Client

Our Awesome Works

We are creative technologists with offices across GCC. We can help you with your Brand and Strategy, Marketing, Websites, Applications and Media Buying Needs.
We have more than 100+ predefined Portfolio Projects . See More

Exhibition Stand Design

  • Industry Consultation
  • Stand Fabrication and Production
  • 3D Stand Planning
  • Project Management
  • Design, Branding & Graphics
  • Installation & Storage
  • Experience More

    Responsive Web Design

    PC, laptop, tablet, notebook, cell phone – just some of the devices used in today’s digitally-connected world.
    Chrome iPad iPad

    Dubai Standard is , Praco Quality

    Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

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    Why choose Us

    Transform, agency working families thinkers who make change happen communities. Developing nations legal aid public sector our ambitions future aid The Elders economic security Rosa.

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    Our Mission

    To concoct a magical potion using strong ingredients like creativity, marketing strategy, brand activation, PR & more. That will levitate our clients’ brand on top in their respective industries. We strive and crave to achieve our mission with optimum performance and deliver above expectations.

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    What you get

    Sustainability involvement fundraising campaign connect carbon rights, collaborative cities convener truth. Synthesize change lives treatment fluctuation participatory monitoring underprivileged equal.

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    Recent Posts


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    Customer Testimonails

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    Mark Gove CHSS Dubai.
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    Collis Ta'eed SUNFIELD Inc.
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    John Doe POWE.IF.

    Opening Hours

    PRACO is open every day, with both day tickets and annual passes available. If you are visiting during peak times such as bank holidays, please be aware that the Gallery is very popular and you may need to queue. We recommend arriving early to mimimise any waiting time and to leave plenty of time for your visit.

    • Sundays-Fridays: 8.30AM to 6 PM
    • Fridays & Saturdays: Closed

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